Adam’s Blog – 16 November

Hi guys!

Now that Reading Week is but a distant memory, everyone has had time to get back into the swing of reading, essay writing, and generally being academic! Like Eleanor, I’ve got a number of essay deadlines coming up, but thankfully, Reading Week gave me enough time to complete all of the plans and further reading that I needed to carry out in order to answer the questions to the best of my ability.

A number of opportunities to further understand the possible career paths that are available after completing our degree courses were offered to students this week in the form of mini lectures and group talks. These ranged from subject specific roles, such as journalism and law, to prospects that are open to everyone who has a degree. One of the major organisations that visited was Barclays, who came to promote their internship opportunities that are available in a wide range of business areas, from a variety of banking roles through to specialist support functions such as Technology, Marketing and Human Resources. The bank offers a number of internship options to undergraduates, as their programmes are designed to help start the process of networking with talented peers, as well as giving real life experience on what working within a financial setting is like. They also provided a free stall that was giving out ice cream, which made me extremely happy after my preceding English Literature lecture.  🙂

Also, a number of study abroad information meetings took place this week. The study abroad programmes allow students from the University of Manchester to travel to different parts of the world in their second or final year. The locations range from European centres of excellence such as the universities of Berlin and Amsterdam, to places in America and Asia! A lot of my flatmates are people who are on exchange placements and are really enjoying being here, so that I may consider moving overseas for my final year. More information can be found about UoM’s study abroad programmes here:

I also attended a post-interview meeting for the Student Ambassador position that I was accepted onto, which involved filling in a number of administrative forms. When these have been processed, I will hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have on the many tours and talks that the university organises!

Until next week,

Adam 🙂

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