Eleanor’s Blog – 14 November

Hello again!

Just a short one today- with my workload starting to pile up, it’s been a pretty boring week of sorting, typing, binding, writing up and suchlike.

As a Speech Therapy student I compile a portfolio – a big folder of pretty much everything I do – as part of the course that shows I’m competent to be qualified. A friend and I sat down earlier this week to do what’s called a peer review; we just went through each other’s portfolio and checked there was nothing missing or any areas of learning lacking after our time on placement. It really highlighted to me that my portfolio was in a bit of a mess; I had loose paper everywhere and a few too many crumpled edges. It’s a good thing to keep on top of organisation and do work as and when you get it, so it’s fresh in your mind- I struggled a bit with the fact I had a few half-filled in forms and couldn’t for the life of me remember what to say for the rest of the questions!

To fill in the gaps in my portfolio I used one of the many many university computers to print off some of the pages I was missing. I’ve been here nearly a year and a half and I only just discovered that there was a computer cluster in the building I have all my lectures in! There are groups or rooms of computers all over the campus which are really handy. I find it harder to do work at home as I just end up messing about or tidying my room, so using a cluster or going to the library helps motivate me a bit. There are even  computers and printers in halls- so if you accidentally spill a cup of tea on your laptop and you have a deadline to meet in the morning, there’s always another computer close-by!

My driving lessons are going quite well, just need to get round to doing my quite overdue theory test!

Until next week 🙂

Eleanor xxxx


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