Adam’s Blog – 8 November

Hi guys! 🙂

I hope you’re all well. Last week was ‘reading week’ which gave students free time without lectures, tutorials or seminars in order to catch up on academic assignments and further suggested readings that our lecturers have advised us to explore. Most of the professors and tutors are free throughout the week, allowing undergraduates to pop in and see them at times that are outside of their usual office hours, which is really useful, as last minute advice and guidance can be obtained before any actual essay writing takes place.

Since I’m studying a joint honours programme that consists of two humanities subjects (both English Literature and Linguistics) there has been quite a lot of additional content to investigate, so a week off from the usual hectic timetable has helped me get to grips with a number of loose ends in my workload that I hadn’t had time to follow up.

Even though the amount of work has increased over the past six weeks, it still isn’t as stressful or overwhelming as I thought it would be when I was in college; there are always Academic Advisors that can be contacted if you are in need of help whilst writing a paper, the library staff are always more than happy to help recommend books that they feel will best suit your educational requirements, and departments frequently organise study sessions that can be attended to ensure that the texts that have been set are understandable. There are definitely enough ways of acquiring help in the university if you require it!

I also applied and was accepted to become one of the university’s Student Ambassador positions last week, which I’m immensely excited about. As one of the ‘purple people’ for the University of Manchester, it will be my job to help tell prospective students like you, more about university life, my own experiences of higher education, and to answer any questions that you may want to pose to a current first year.  Student Ambassadors also venture around to neighbouring areas in order to promote further education in both primary and secondary schools. If you visit one of the University’s open days, summer schools or tours, it is the Ambassadors that will help guide you around the many buildings and facilities that the university has to offer.

Be sure to look out for Eleanor, myself, and the other student representatives if you visit one of the university’s open days – we’re here to help! 🙂


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