Eleanor’s Blog – 24 October

Hello everyone,

It’s good to be back in Manchester after a month long on placement! I’ve been really short of time to write to you all recently with all the extra travelling and work I’ve been doing surrounding my placement at a primary school and some clinics in and around Rochdale. I’m back now though, which means back to normal student life and the chance to stay in bed later than half past 5 every morning!

Every day was different on placement; whether it was having therapy sessions with groups of cute little kids, assessments for stammers, meetings with other professionals or making a video as an information resource to send to parents. It was good to see what it’s like being a real SLT in a real environment. My placement was with children, and it’s not a client group I’ve ever really considered before, so it was good to get experience to maybe change my mind.

Apart from my placement I’ve not really been up to much recently, as it really does take up a lot of time – but it’s worth it to not have too many wild nights out for a while and get as much out of it as possible! It was my first proper block placement out on my own and I’ve experienced and learnt a lot that will stand me in good stead for the 3rd and 4th year placements that will count towards my final grade.

It’s not been all sensible shoes and early nights though, as last weekend I went to visit my friend who’s studying at university in Sheffield. As I hark on about all the time, transport in Manchester is really good so it’s just a 45 minute train ride away and booking in advance means it’s not too expensive to go visiting friends and family up and down the country. The train to Sheffield actually goes past my parents’ house, and it was a bit sad to be so close to home without paying a visit! I was almost waving out the window but decided against it; probably would look a bit strange to everyone else on the train…

It was interesting to see Sheffield and compare the differences between living there and in Manchester- both are really lovely cities (but Manchester has less hills to walk up and down!)

Now I’m back to normal and in lectures again it’ll be a chance to get into a bit more of a routine, and hopefully work as a student ambassador at a few events throughout the University. I’ve got a couple of days off later this week so a trip back home will be in order as well.

Until next week! 🙂


  1. Hi, I’ve applied for this course and had an interview to start in September, can’t wait to hear back from the uni! This blog has been so useful! Do you find yourself busier than all your other housemates all the time and is it really difficult or stressful?

    1. Hi Isabella, not going to lie it can be quite stressful sometimes! Compared with other courses, it can get a bit full on but you’ve just got to remember it is an NHS healthcare course and so you’ve got to be well trained for when you qualify! I don’t feel like I miss out on and social events or anything though, and personally I find if I keep up with the work and do a bit of studying at home I don’t stress more than any other student really. Good luck with next year!

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