Eleanor’s Blog – 2 October

Hello again you lovely people. Welcome to the new first year blogger, Adam, who I must say is properly showing me up by posting so well and so often! The reason I’ve been absent recently is because I’ve been out on placement as part of my course. Last week, I was out and about in Rochdale and the surrounding area at a couple of clinics and a primary school, getting stuck into what being a proper speech and language therapist is actually like! That’s meant 5:30am starts, so not much to write about on the going out front as it’s been early nights for me. Transport links in and around Manchester are really good so all my placements are easy to get to, but it still takes me about an hour and a half every day. More time on buses means more time to read the free newspaper The Metro though which always has something hilarious in it even if it doesn’t mean to be. Here’s a picture of Prince William I spotted last week which made me laugh :).


I definitely made up for the lack of social life in Welcome Week though, I think I managed to go out every night, such is student life! A couple of those nights were spent with some of my new housemates, who are all really nice. The house is starting to look a bit more lived in now, with everything unpacked and the cupboards filled. You could even say it looks a bit too lived in, in fact, it looks like we’ve lived here years and not once cleaned the place. A cleaning rota is something we’re definitely going to have to put in place soon I think…

Even with going out to Factory, 42s, Satan’s Hollow and Zoo to name but a few places in Welcome Week, I managed to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my introductory lectures to prepare me for placement. Once again, as last year, I had an atypically full timetable for this week, us Speech and Language Therapists are just always busy! I was really nervous about starting placement as I would be on my own in places I’d never even heard of for 4 whole weeks. These worries were unfounded though as I’ve been on placement just over a week now and I already feel all settled in. I have 2 days a week at a primary school and 2 at clinics, with thursdays off to dash home for driving lessons. On placement, every student has whats called a clinical educator, a speech therapist who you shadow and who gives you feedback on how you do every day. It’s really helpful as I know what I’m doing well in, and what I need to work on to become an actual proper therapist. It’s all becoming very real, I feel well grown up!

Speaking of being grown up, my driving lessons are coming along pretty well and it won’t be long before I’m taking my theory test hopefully! I’ve been dashing home every week, stopping off for a proper meal at home with my family as well (although in honesty, it’s me who cooks it for them). This weekend I was also home for an odd reason, the reunion of the Samba band I used to play in as a kid with my family and people from the local community. We gathered at the New Mills Lantern Parade, an annual celebration where thousands of people gather at night to walk a winding path through The Torrs, a gorge which runs through the town. It really is a beautiful event and was well-accompanied by us playing samba music from under an echoey viaduct. After that pretty surreal experience it was back to my house in Withington (which to my dismay had not magically cleaned itself in my absence) and back to 5:30am starts as an SLT student. I must go as it is 10:04pm and well past my bedtime. Goodnight!

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