Eleanor’s Blog – 18 September

Hello! It’s me, Eleanor, back in Manchester for my second year as a speech and language therapy student.

Let me start by saying WELCOME all first year students to The University of Manchester! This week is Welcome Week, which means everyone is settling in and getting to grips with the year ahead.

Secondly, I’d like to apologise for my absence over the past few weeks! I’ve been a whirlwind trying to pack and get all my stuff together before moving back to Manc. Not before one last festival of the summer, this time Shambala.

It was an amazing festival with lots of glitter and crazy costumes, a real getaway from the real world and a break from real life! It’s the only festival this year that I’ve actually paid for a ticket for, after working at both Y Not and 2000 Trees festivals. Although I love volunteering it was definitely nice to relax and not have to worry about going round picking other people’s litter up! I had such a good time dancing to an awesome mix of music and learning about odd things like spoon carving. Already wanting to buy my ticket for next year!

After Shambala, it was back to civilisation and back to sorting things out for my return to Manchester. This year I’ll be living in a house rather than halls, which means organising paying my own bills and stuff like tv and internet. There’ll be six of us in the house, so we’ve decided to just get a joint bank account and pay bills out of that, rather than one person be in charge of it all. Halls were really good for first year but now I feel all grown up and quite excited to be living properly independently!

I arrived at the house on Saturday, after spending a few hours packing my mum’s car. In the 3 months I’ve been back in Derbyshire I seem to have lost all my storage boxes and bags, so I pretty much ended up just throwing my clothes in. I live about an hour away from the house, which is in Withington, just outside Fallowfield. Like Fallowfield, Withington is quite a popular area for students to live as it’s just a bus journey away from Uni. I was first at the house, and although the landlord has been doing some decorating over the summer, the previous tenants left it in a less than hygienic manner so the first few hours were spent scrubbing the kitchen. You could definitely say this house has ‘character’- all the cupboards are different and none of the sofas match, a few of the walls are wonky and we’ve found a chocolate fondue set in the cellar. Can tell it’s going to be an interesting year! Our landlord is okay, and is always offering to bring us more furniture and stuff, but now I’m not in halls I’ve had to think more about where I live and what’s acceptable. Halls are all maintained to a really good standard but the house I’m in now is owned privately. When we came to view the house last year, we asked the people who were living here already what it was like and how the landlord was, so we were confident moving in knowing that the house would be okay!

Once I was all unpacked and everyone else had arrived, we planned on going out to celebrate being back in Manchester. Half of us were too tired though so ended up going to bed at half 10! It just means I’ll be more awake for the rest of the week though, as it’s Welcome Week so there’s lots going on all day. I’ll hopefully be popping along to the Student Fair to get my share of free stuff! I also need to go to the library as well to use the WiFi, we haven’t set it up in our house yet so I’m internet-less. I’ve also got a few lectures this week and quite a bit of revision and research to do as I’m off on placement for a month starting next Monday. Busy busy.


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