Adam’s Blog – 10 September

The packing is underway! I’m scheduled to move out on Thursday morning, and have recently been preparing for the big move. So far, I’ve managed to pack the majority of my clothes and essentials, although I’m probably going to have to half the amount that I’m taking with me in case my room and wardrobe aren’t large enough to hold it all! I think I’ve packed just about everything I could ever need, so I shouldn’t have to make any last minute buys once I arrive at Whitworth Park. Hopefully, I won’t need any of the items I’ve packed until I actually get to my accommodation! (I don’t fancy unpacking the whole of my case to get something that’s at the bottom!)

I’ve just completed the online induction on the Manchester e-accommodation site, which was really easy and quick to do, so I’m set to move in and meet my new flat mates! I’m slightly apprehensive about the move, but I’m sure I’ll start to really enjoy myself once I’ve moved in. Quite a lot of my friends have already moved out to a number of universities around the country and seem to be enjoying themselves. I’m sure my own experience of Welcome Week will be just as good!

There are quite a few Facebook pages and Twitter accounts dedicated to certain aspects of university life that I am finding interesting – I have been able to find and discuss modules with people on both the English literature and linguistics sides of my joint honours degree, as well as students who are planning on staying in my selected accommodation.

Three days left until I move in.

I shall keep you all updated! 🙂


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