Eleanor’s Blog – 10 July

Hello hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely summer, I certainly am.

I can’t believe it’s July already! The time is flying by and it won’t be long now until the start of my second year at the University of Manchester. Since my last post, I’ve had my first year results, and I’m pleased to tell you I’m now one quarter of a Speech and Language Therapist, after passing everything. I’m so pleased! A couple of my exams I thought hadn’t gone too well, but I scraped through to get a pretty ok average for the year.  It means I can relax a bit without having to prepare for any exam resits!

I’ve been getting into the summer holiday spirit (despite the awful weather we’ve been having, it’s chucked it down literally every day) and I’m doing some fun stuff now I have the time, with no lectures to go to! ‘Fun stuff’ for me, includes selling loads of clothes on ebay, decorating in my family’s new house, and making my own bag.

The bag started out as a horrible old Bench jumper that I’d been given- it had been shrunk in the wash and was
just like felt. I dyed it using food colouring and vinegar (feeling like an alchemist or a wizard or something whilst mixing these bowls of bright coloured mixtures) and chopped it up with scissors, it’s now a beautiful blue and yellow handbag 🙂

I’ve also been doing some student ambassador work during the holidays, earning a bit of money to spend- probably on more food colouring. I worked at the University Open Days, which were so busy and quite fun as I was stood inside all day! Hopefully I helped in showing the University off and hopefully helped people decide to come here! I’ve helped out at some UMASS lectures as well, Hello to any UMASS students out there! It stands for the University of Manchester Aspiring Students’ Society, and is a helpful thing to join if you’re thinking about University and want more information. They put on a range of taster days and interesting lectures to get a feel for what uni is like and become familiar with the campus. The lectures this time were from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Life Sciences, and they were both really interesting!

This week was also the first MAP (Manchester Access Programme) life conference for this year’s students! The University Life Conference is where MAP students get to come into university and stay overnight in halls, complete a university-style project and hopefully have some fun too. As a student ambassador, I was helping out a group of lovely girls who all did really well with the project. The weekend included a competition where groups were set with designing their ambassador a tshirt to wear. Apparently I say “cool” a lot, so it featured in the design of my shirt and my green eyes and massive hair were incorporated too! Unfortunately our tshirt didn’t win the competition but I thought it was definitely the best one!

As well as ALL this stuff, we got the keys to our new house this week as well, yay!! There’s a lot of work to be done on the house with redecorating and stuff, so we’re not living there or moving stuff in quite yet but I’m excited to see it when it’s all finished and I can plan where all my stuff’s going to go. Here’s my new bedroom, looking a bit bare at the moment but soon it’ll be full with all my weird trinkets and ornaments, can’t wait.

This weekend I’m off to work at 2000trees festival in Gloucestershire, I’d best pack my wellies with all this rain!

Eleanor xxx


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