Eleanor’s Blog – 19 June

Hello again everyone!

I’m extremely sorry for being away such a long time, but I’m back now, hurray! I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in Spain with my friend, but before that, I had moving house and exams to sort out.

As I said before, my first exam was on the same day as my family moving house, so as soon as I finished, it was on the train to see my new family home for the first time. Unfortunately, despite all my revision efforts, I don’t think the exam went too well 😦 but you can’t be confident about them all and there’s bound to be a few that are tricky in everyone’s education. I get the results later this month so we’ll have to see! If I’ve done as badly as I’m envisaging, there’s a chance to resit the module in August, along with any others if I didn’t pass them either. I’ve passed everything so far though and my only other exam seemed to go ok, so hopefully that won’t happen.

My new home is still in the same village as the one I grew up in, so it’s still just as close to Uni as the last one. (although I miss my old house a lot!)

I have been living in University Halls of Residence this year though as a chance to meet new people and be more independent, and my contract has come to an end meaning I had to pack up everything in my flat this month too. My room looked so strange empty when I’m more used to seeing it with a massive mess everywhere, like this:


It’ll be strange not seeing all the people I’ve met in my halls as often but hopefully we’ll all keep in touch next year! I’ll be living in a house about 4 miles away from Uni in September, something which I’m looking forward to a lot!

But with my flat empty, and my exams finished, I can say my summer has really begun! As soon as I’d unpacked in to my new room at home, it was time to pack up again to jet off to sunny Seville for a week. Such a change from the constant rain of Manchester!

As there’s no direct flight from Manchester Airport to Seville, my friend and I had to catch a train down to London, and then 2 more trains IN London, to get a flight from Gatwick. We set off at 8 o’clock on Friday night, and arrived in Seville at around 10 am on Saturday, we were shattered! After a quick siesta at our hostel, we were off exploring the city and checking out all the places we wanted to go throughout the week. We chose a hostel as opposed to a hotel as they can be really cheap, and have everything you need if you plan to stay busy and make the most of your holiday, as we did! We were sharing a room with 8 other people, it seems a lot but they all were nice and only one person snored! There was also a huge kitchen and a lovely rooftop terrace to enjoy, and at just about £17 a night it was a real bargain. We spent a lot of time in Seville wandering around the little winding streets and admiring the beautiful tiles and murals that were all around. We paid a visit to the Real Alcazar, a palace that’s still in use today. There was also the massive cathedral right in the centre of the city and La Plaza de Espana, a huge semi-circle building with a tiled mural for each of the provinces of Spain. It’s not particularly old but it’s certainly worth a visit!

It was so hot as well, an average of about 35ºC which made a massive change from the supposed summer weather in Manchester.

No holiday would be complete without the obligatory shopping trip, and we both ended up buying so much stuff it was a task to fit it in our suitcases at the end of the week!  We found this amazing hippie market selling jewellery, bags, blankets, scarves, and even has someone doing dreadlocks. I could have lived at that market, it was so cute! We also spent a day at a waterpark just outside Seville, with loads of slides and a wavepool. It was really fun, and a good way to avoid the heat for a while! Seville was a really beautiful city with loads to do and see, I was sad to leave! Now that I’m back though, it’s time to think about decorating my new bedroom. I’m also going to be doing some ambassador work over the summer, as well as a few festivals so I’ll keep you updated.

Eleanor xxxxxx



  1. Eleanor, This may seem totally crazy, but are you looking for part time work? with a kid with special needs who has Speech & Language issues!! My present carer is leaving as she now has a full time ST after uni in Cambridge 😦

    1. Hi Harriet

      We have a large Speech and Language course at Manchester, with numerous students potentially looking for work/experience, so could we suggest that you approach our Careers Service if you would like to advertise a job opportunity for our students? If you visit http://www.careers.manchester.ac.uk/recruit/ , then you can see the full range of services we can offer those wishing to recruit a University of Manchester student.

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