Eleanor’s Blog – 10 May

Hello again!

Another week in Manchester and my first year is drawing to a close, it’s all gone by so quickly. With just 5 lectures left, it’s not started to hit me yet that I’m one quarter of the way to becoming a Speech Therapist. It’s quite scary actually! I’ve just got two exams to look forward to (ha) and then a lovely summer ahead!

For now though, I’ve been focusing on revision and getting the last few pieces of work done before the end of this year. In a break from revision (and what I really mean is a break from attempting to tidy my room with lecture notes nearby) I went to the cinema to see The Avengers, which was pretty good. I haven’t really been to the cinema the whole time I’ve been in Manchester and I’ve missed it! We went to The Printworks, in the city centre behind the Arndale Shopping centre. There’s a couple of cinemas in Manchester, mostly with cheaper student ticket prices so you don’t end up spending too much.

I’ve also been spending a couple of evenings in the library, as at this time of year its open 24/7. It’s still busy though even at 10 o’clock at night!

When all my deadlines and exams are out the way, I’ve got quite a lot planned for summer, including a trip to Seville in Spain, and volunteering at a couple of festivals. If you’re wanting to go to a festival but haven’t got the funds, volunteering as a steward or a litter picker is a really good way to get to see the bands for free. Most, if not all, festivals have some kind of volunteer programme where you get to enjoy the festival for free in exchange for a few hours’ work a day. I’ll be working at the Y Not Festival in the Peak District, near to where I live. This will be my fourth ynot and I’m looking forward to it a lot! I’ll also be working at ynot’s sister festival, 2000 Trees, in Gloucestershire. I’ve never been before so it will be a bit of an adventure! I’ll hopefully also be doing some Student Ambassador work over the summer, with lots of summer schools and things taking place. All this stuff, along with being able to catch up with some friends from home mean it’s shaping up to be a good couple of months!

I’ll miss Manchester though over the summer, and the end of first year approaching means it’s almost the end of my time at Whitworth Park. I’ve enjoyed living here and I’ve met lots of new people, but I’m more excited about my house for next year now! There’s been a couple more forms to sign for the house but sorting it out has been really easy and a lot less stressful than I imagined (so far). Call me a geek, but I’m quite looking forward to be able to sort out my own bills for next year, it’s quite scary but I feel all grown up!

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