Eleanor’s Blog – 2 May

Just a short post this week, as I’ve been pretty busy beavering away for my assignments and exams. I’ve also been home in Derbyshire quite a lot of the time (although still managing not to miss a single lecture, I’m proud of myself!) as my mum’s been poorly. She’s alright now though so it’s back to Manchester for the final 2 weeks of lectures. It’s gone by so quickly!

As I said last week, I have a phonetics assignment and a presentation coming up this week, so I’ve been working to get these done. The presentation hasn’t been too tricky, it’s about the clinical placement I did before Easter. As part of the placement we had to do a presentation so luckily I already had slides to work from! I’ll be presenting it in front of a group of students from my class, and we all mark each other anonymously (I feel like I’m on Come Dine With Me) with criteria that we’ve chosen as a class. Once that’s over it’s a mad rush to get my Phonetics assignment done!

Thankfully on this one, we don’t have to write a reference list as we have to use information just from the lectures we’ve been having. This is a real time saver as writing the references usually takes me longer than writing the essay itself. When that’s done and handed in, there’s just one assignment and two exams to go before I’ve finished my first year. It’s unbelievable how quickly the time has gone, but at the same time it’s all so familiar now it’s like I’ve been here years.

Anyway, I’d best go, I’m writing to you from the John Rylands library and my keyboard clicking away must be annoying some of the people around me trying to revise.

Until next week!


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