Eleanor’s Blog – 24 April

Hello, remember me? I’m back after rather a long absence, with a lot more to talk about.
The past few weeks have been the easter holidays, meaning I went home for a few weeks to be able to catch up with my friends and do some work in the peaceful countryside. That was the plan, anyway!

I started the holidays with a bit of ambassador work, helping out at a Manchester Access Programme event. MAP is a programme for 6th form students living in and around Manchester which helps them prepare for uni life and the type of work that will be required. I was a member of MAP myself a couple of years ago so I’m more than happy to help on it now and see people in the position I was in back then! The scheme is funded by alumni; former students here at Manchester, as well as friends of the university who may be from around the area or just want to be able to help young people. I got the pleasure of meeting one of the people who have donated money to the programme and had a chance to thank them in person for the great work that’s able to be done with their donations. The scheme helps people from low income backgrounds whose parents didn’t go to university themselves. I loved it and it really helped me out. For those who aren’t local, other scholarships and bursaries are available from the university which you may be eligible for.

Easter itself was quiet, with my mum away on holiday in Spain. I spent time with my Grandma and saw my brother as he was back from University for the holidays too, before embarking on a trip with my friends to the VERY rainy Lake District!

We set off on Easter Monday, after much umming and ahhing about whether or not to cancel the trip due to a lot of rain and bad weather, but ended up braving the adverse conditions anyway. We took the train, which was really cheap, only about £6 in advance with a rail card to Grange-Over-Sands, and set off from there. We arrived at our campsite a few hours later soaked to the skin and ready to just go to bed. The nice man who owned the campsite took pity on us (we all looked like we’d jumped in a swimming pool with our clothes on) and only charged us a tenner for the campsite. What a decent guy! We stuck it out for one night, but in the end decided to cut our trip short and go home on Tuesday, instead of Thursday as we’d planned. It all ended up a bit of a failure but we still had fun (I think). Getting back home to dry clothes and warm food, it felt like we’d been away months rather than just one night!

The week after, it was back to Manchester as lectures were restarting. Only four more weeks of lectures to go, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! As well as lectures, I worked on an NHS cadet open day, as my degree is healthcare-related. I’d never heard of NHS cadets before, it’s a scheme for people doing a Btec National Diploma to get experience of working with the NHS and with healthcare professionals. The other ambassadors were all doing healthcare degrees as well such as nursing or midwifery, and we were there to present workshops and answer any questions about studying healthcare subjects at university. The day was really busy and everyone was keen to ask a lot of questions and learn more about university. Hello if there’s any NHS cadets reading this!

It’s time to get my head down for a couple of weeks now, as we have a few assignment deadlines looming. Although I’d planned to do work over the Easter holidays, of course it always happens that you leave it to the last minute (well I do anyway!). I’ve also got to do a presentation next week about the placement at Oldham that I went on this semester, which I’m nervous about! I’ll talk more about that another time for anyone who’s interested.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, whether it’s hopeful SLT students, prospective students for Manchester or just interested parties. Please ask me any questions or let me know if you think there’s something I’m not talking about which you think I should be!

Bye for now! Eleanor xxx

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