Eleanor’s Blog- 23 March

Apologies for the extremely late post this week, I’ve been beavering away as it’s the last week before the easter holidays!

Last week was National Science and Engineering Week, so I was working as a student ambassador helping out with activities. I was helping out at the science fair, which saw over 700 high school students from around the Manchester area over 3 days, busy busy! It was held in the massive Sackville Street building, on the North campus of the University of Manchester. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the main campus, and is where all the engineering subjects are based. The fair itself had loads of stalls and interesting exhibits on loads of different science and engineering subjects and it was a lot of fun! From making model DNA from pipe cleaners, creepy crawleys under microscopes, infrared cameras, balancing robots and recycling-based dancemats, there was a stall about everything. I don’t know a lot about science (I tried Chemistry AS level and didn’t do too well…) but it was  all really interesting. The kids seemed to think so too, and all three days were a great success. Hopefully it inspired some people to consider it when choosing a career! There were also workshops on things like boomerang making and giant biology-boardgames which I was pretty gutted to be missing. Each day was finished with a lecture about a specific area of science or engineering, which I didn’t get to see any of as I had lectures of my own to go to, but I’m told they were amazing too.

As well as the science fair (which took up a pretty hefty chunk of my week) I went home to Derbyshire yet again, this time for a reunion party! I play the flute, and used to be part of a flute ensemble called ‘Flute Salad’ which I unfortunately had to leave when I moved to Manchester. This week was the 25th birthday of the Music Studio, where I had my flute lessons and I had group practice since I was really young. It was so good to see everyone again! There were speeches, and many embarrassing photos and videos shown of when I used to be a member and of previous students, as well as live bands and a lot of cheesy dancing. I really miss playing, especially as part of a group and I’d really like to have joined the university orchestra at Manchester, but I never got round to it 😦 there’s always next year! It’s really easy to join and even start your own societies at the University, our Students’ Union is the biggest in the country and is the home of all the societies. If you’ve got an idea or a passion, and there’s a group of people who share your vision then you can start your own society! Some of the people on my course are doing it right now, organising a Speech and Language Therapy Society which should be fun! Hopefully it’ll mean we’ll have organised events and socials, something which we don’t get the chance for as a subject at the moment. Exciting stuff!

I’ve also been trying to revise a bit of my anatomy module, which we’ll have an exam in at the end of May. As I said before, science isn’t really my strong point but it’s all very interesting and I’m going to try my best. This week also saw the end of my weekly placement, and I’ll miss everyone there! We ended with a presentation of the projects we’d been working on, which went really well. Learnt loads of helpful stuff on placement, and this being a Speech and Language Therapist thing is looking a bit closer in the distance!

After all my work and revision, a night out was in order, this time with our new housemates for next year. We ended up at Factory (yet again!!) with a few of their friends and they were all lovely. Looking forward to next year!


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