Eleanor’s Blog – 8 March

Welcome, or welcome back to my little blog 🙂

Another busy week in Manchester, a bit of a contrast to last week! I think I’ve got to the point where the novelty of ‘going out’ has worn off a bit, I definitely don’t feel like a fresher anymore! It’s not a bad thing though, as I’ve been up to lots of other things this week too.

As you may remember, me and my friend Ali have been on a housemate search, for people to share with next year. Moving halls at the time I did meant everyone else had their groups sorted for next year already so we had to get on the internet and appeal for people! There’s always the option to stay in Halls again next year, but we’d both really like to move out as it means we’ll be a bit more independent with our own bills and stuff. Halls were definitely the best for me this year though- it was a sort of gentle start to living independently :). Anyway, back to my point, we finally met up with our potential housemates this week, after talking to them a bit online (and adding them on facebook to have a bit of a snoop!). We’ve ended up with a group of 3 guys and a girl joining us for next year, and they all seem lovely. Quite excited for second year now! There’s a lot to think about with rent and bills and stuff but I’m pretty organised about it (I think) so it’s going well so far. We had a viewing of the house on Friday, and by Monday we’d signed the contract and paid our deposits! So glad to have it finally sorted. My advice would be so start looking for people/places early, like we did in case it takes ages!

Also this week, I’ve booked my SUMMER HOLIDAY 😀 me and Ali will be flying off to sunny Seville (after the summer exams, of course) for a week in June 🙂 so excited! Having a sort-of job as a Student Ambassador has really helped with being able to afford this stuff. At the start of the year I was considering not having a job at all but I’m really glad I do! Student finance/grants/bursaries are enough to live off but seeing as though I have the time, a part-time job suits me well. I’m already planning what clothes to take with me on holiday and it’s not til June!

My clinical placement again this week, and more experience of being a real life speech and language therapist. We’ve finished the project we’ve been working on and now have to plan a presentation for in a couple of weeks’ time to show everyone what we’ve been up to, eep! Although I’m not on placement with anyone I know particularly well from my class, we all get along and work together well. This presentation is going to be oscar-winning, I can feel it.

Two more gigs as well this week, even I’m getting bored of writing about them so sorry to you for having to read about them! This time it was Sleigh Bells, at Academy 2 and then Attack Attack! (why do they all have such odd names?) at Sound Control, near Oxford Road train station. I like Sound Control as a venue, as it’s really small and intimate. They also have club nights on throughout the week which I’m yet to check out!

Also, a bit off-topic but just wanted to chuck in a link to this video about Joseph Kony, leader of group called the LRA in Uganda, please watch it if you get the time. It’s been circulating facebook and stuff and thought I should do my bit to share it. Being a student and living off a tight budget it’s really easy not to think about helping charities- but I’m going to try a bit harder- more than just buying from charity shops!


Until next week, Eleanor xxxx


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