Eleanor’s Blog – 1 March

Well I think we’ve got to that time of year where it’s all a bit boring I’m afraid! Not in a bad way, but with exams over and done with, new modules well and truly started and the feeling of being properly settled in to life in Manchester, it’s all been a bit the same this week.

I DID however, get my exam results and I’m very happy to be able to tell you that I passed them all! I’m now 1/8th of the way to becoming a Speech and Language Therapist. I didn’t do too badly in them all either, getting a 2.1 overall. University marking is a bit different to school or college, and instead of knowing your score in terms of A*, A, B, C, it’s First Class, 2:1, 2:2 or 3rd. A first class mark is usually anything over 70% although it can vary between courses and Universities. But I’m very happy with my 2.1!

With loads fewer hours in Uni than last semester, I’m having to find more and more stuff to do every day. Apart from studying of course! One afternoon this week I embarked on a little walk to Didsbury, a town about 4 miles away from the uni campus, just past Fallowfield and Withington. To a lot of people, a bus would have done the job but I like walking and had an hour to kill. I spent the afternoon wandering round charity shops (my favourite kind of wandering) and buying food from Aldi. I love Aldi, as although it doesn’t sell that many well-known brands, it’s a bit cheaper and it all adds up on a student budget!

I’ve also spent a fair bit of time at home this week, as my family are moving house. On my days off and after lectures I’ve been catching the train back to my beloved Derbyshire to help with the packing and spend time in my house there whilst I still can! I’ll be a bit sad to leave the house for good after living there for about 18 years, but we’re only moving a couple of miles down the road. Although I spend most of my time at Uni, I still consider where my family live as home and so I’ll be quite excited to be able to decorate my new room when they move in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, all the time at home has meant I’ve not done anything particularly exciting to tell you, apart from a flat party and onto a night at the club Factory on Friday.

Next week is a busy one though!

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