Eleanor’s Blog – 23 January

Hello again  🙂

Another week in Manchester and more to talk about!

I’ve been doing more Student Ambassador work this week, helping out at a Postgrad Student Open Day on Wednesday. It was my job to just stand around and be helpful- answering questions and pointing people in the right direction. It was good to talk to potential students and let them know why Manchester is so amazing. Something which I hope I do in this blog too! Part of the day was spent lingering outside University Place, the visitors centre, in a purple hoody to be pretty much a human signpost. It was absolutely freezing, even with 5 layers on. If I was still cold by Wednesday night I soon had a chance to warm up as it was time for yet another gig, as the bands New Found Glory and The Blackout were playing at The Academy.

The next day it was back to lectures, including a practical session in a lab in the medical building as part of my Anatomy and Physiology module. Like the dissection room, it’s a chance to see real examples of the stuff we’re learning but in the form of live practicals. It was really interesting- the lecturer showed us how he could stimulate the nerves in his arm with a technical-looking piece of kit to make his hand twitch. I am finding the whole module a bit tough as I didn’t do Biology at A Level, but the practicals are helping. It’s just a case of getting my head down and doing some revision!

The day also had a session of Clinical Studies- learning about how we’d assess people for treatment when we’re qualified. It was good, as up until now most of the stuff we’ve been learning is about just theory rather than how we’d actually work in practice. It pretty much just involved playing children’s games!

I went to yet another gig on Friday, this time it was Pulled Apart By Horses in Club Academy, at the Student’s Union. It was amazing- so busy and everyone was going crazy- sweat was literally dripping from the ceiling. We had planned on going out to a club afterwards but by the end we looked like we’d been dragged though a hedge backwards and were worn out so it was back to mine for a brew and a jaffa cake. Such a rock and roll lifestyle.

There was also pancake day this week, so of course it involved a bit of cooking. Our pancakes weren’t exactly…conventional in shape or size but they tasted pretty good. We also managed to flip them without dropping anything and having to evoke the 5 second rule!


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