Eleanor’s Blog – 9 February

I have to say, I’m really enjoying having less lectures this semester! My course was so intense before Christmas, it feels like now I’m sort of a ‘normal’ student. Not a single 9 am start in sight, oh yes!

This means I’ve had the opportunity to go to YET ANOTHER gig, this time Reel Big Fish. It was properly mental, and I’m covered in bruises but it was totally worth it. My friend and I always refuse to stand at the back or the side, meaning we have to work hard to stay in one place (and in one piece) with all the hardcore fans around us. Can’t beat the atmosphere though!

As well as gigs and lectures, I’ve been shopping again this week. Seeing as it’s almost my birthday, I felt like a few additions to my wardrobe were necessary. It was once again a visit to the Arndale Centre and vintage shops in the Northern Quarter, but there’s so many other places I’m yet to go. On my student budget I find that I have to stay away from places like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and on King Street which is the home to loads of designer stores. I’m more of a vintage fan anyway so I can’t say I mind. Around Christmas time my parents did take me along to the Lowry Outlet Mall in nearby Salford- right next to the canal. It’s not really a studenty place to shop (there’s a massive Marks and Spencer and lots of places selling ornaments) but there’s a cinema and cafes and stuff. A good place to go if you’re in need of curtains or candles! It’s also right next to the Lowry, an awesome looking building home to the work of it’s namesake, L.S. Lowry- a famous artist from Manchester. There’s also 2 theatres and contemporary exhibitions as well as other cool stuff. Well worth a visit!

I ventured home to the hills this weekend, to see my stepdad in a local production of Aladdin. It just so happened that on my way there on Saturday morning that it started snowing! Sadly, I missed most of the snow in Manchester (although I’m told there was quite a bit) but there was masses at home. For a while I thought I’d be stuck there, but after a couple of days rest it was back to Manchester

Since exams I’ve been trying to get my shopping and cooking back on track, after focusing on revision during the exam period. It’s getting to the point where I’m basically eating anything plus toast. As this picture of every vegetable I could find in the fridge with cheese on toast shows! There’s loads of websites and books out there with lovely studenty recipes in so I’ll have to have a look around. It’s really easy to eat unhealthily on a student budget but I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far. Not sure about how I’ll keep that up with my birthday this week! 🙂


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