Eleanor’s Blog – 2 February

It’s the first week of the new semester, and it’s like I’ve never been away.

With exams over, it’s time to start new modules and subjects. This semester we’ll be starting an anatomy and physiology module, meaning we have to see inside actual human subjects in the lab, eek! That won’t start for a while though and so it’s just been a pretty gentle start to the new year. I’m quite glad to be back in lectures now, gives me something to do rather than staying in bed til 11 o’clock.

After the last exam, I had a few days before lectures started again to relax and go out without having to worry about revision or deadlines or waking up early 🙂 In the past few days I’ve been to Factory 251, Zoo and 42nd street, as well as a gig at the academy. Oh it’s a hard life.

Four Year Strong was the band I went to see, at Academy 2 inside the Student Union. Another band I don’t expect anyone to have heard of, but they were absolutely amazing. The band supporting them did a pretty good pop-punk cover of I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, it worked surprisingly well!

After the gig, my friends and I came back to my flat to chill as I live pretty much next to the academy. We just so happened to be walking to the shop when we spyed the band inside a takeaway, so I forced my friend to go and buy some chips so we could go and meet them. They were really nice guys and I was a bit starstruck I have to admit. It was quite embarrassing when they were all so chilled!

Also this week I’ve done some more student ambassador work, running an activity at a year 7 open day. Got another shift planned for next week as well, my timetable this semester is a lot less intense so I have more free time. I’ve also now been trained to be able to give guided tours around campus to visitors/prospective students (although I’m not fully confident that I wouldn’t get them lost) which means I’ll be able to say yes to even more ambassador work. Not a bad part time job!

Next week is my birthday (thank you for all the cards and gifts in advance ;)) and so I’m having a party. Whitworth Park is such a huge place and so I’m still meeting new people all the time, so hopefully some of them will come round to my flat to celebrate with me. I’m definitely properly settled in now though. So weird thinking that I’ve only been living in Manchester since September. Feels like I’ve been here forever!

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