Eleanor’s Blog – 24 January

Hello again, it’s been a while since my last post and I’m sure you’re all missing me very much.

I’ve had a week off from writing about my escapades to concentrate on exams, 4 of which are now over and done with (yay!), which means just one more to come! Having spoken to other people, it would seem that having 5 exams is quite a lot compared to other courses, so I’ve not really been spending a lot of time going out, choosing instead to be sensible and revise. I don’t think I did too badly, although the massive construction site right outside my window didn’t help my concentration.

I went into the exams feeling alright about being able to answer them and I think (I hope) they went okay. So far I’ve had Audiology, Phonetics & Phonology, Fundamental Issues in the Study of English, and Psychology. On Friday night, I felt a break from revision was in order and to celebrate being 4/5ths of the way though, so my friends and I went out to Propaganda, at HMV Ritz. We just so happened to pass a man in the street on the way there giving out flyers, and managed to get completely free passes into the club. Which automatically set it up to be a good night! My final exam on Thursday is Grammar, and I’m looking forward to them being over completely so I can go out and celebrate properly! With exams always on my mind, I’ve found that the cooking which I was so keen to do when I moved in here at Whitworth Park has been put on hold a bit. I seem to be living of the cliché student diet of beans on toast and occasionally cereal. I’ve still not resorted to takeaways yet though so at least that’s something.

Last week, my friend who I’m moving in next year with and I went to look at one of the houses I mentioned in my last post, and we absolutely love it. We found it by trawling through pages of houses on the internet, and we’re pretty sure that’s where we want to live next year! We’ve done well finding housemates via the internet as well, as moving halls at the time I did has meant I just missed out on everyone from my halls deciding who to live with next year! Oh well, the girls from the internet all seem really nice and we’ve all added each other on facebook, and we’re hoping to meet up soon! Then it’ll just be sorting out all the paperwork and contracts and stuff (which I have to admit, at this point, I’m pretty clueless about) so I’ll keep you posted. As well as house hunting, I also had just enough time apart from revision to go to yet another gig, this time it was Asking Alexandria at HMV Ritz, with another free ticket courtesy of my friend. Getting free stuff at The Ritz is starting to become a recurring theme!

Next week, it’s back to lectures- with all new modules and subjects now the first semester’s are over! I’ll also be starting my first clinical placement soon, and I’m quite excited! It’s a chance to get some experience in a proper professional setting to give me an idea of Speech and Language Therapy in the real world 🙂

All this exciting stuff and more in next week’s post 🙂


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