Eleanor’s Blog – 12 January

Hello, sorry for the late post this week, I’ve been busy as usual.

Although lectures haven’t started again for me yet, I’ve been back up in Manchester in an attempt to find a quiet place to get some revision done for my exams next week, eek! I have 5 exams, and talking to other people it seems that’s quite a lot compared to most courses! With an assignment to be handed in next week as well, I’ve been a teensy bit stressed. Not helped by the fact that me and my friend have started house-hunting for next year!

It took a whole day of trawling the internet, looking at hundreds of houses but we’ve chosen a few we really love. We’ve decided to live in Withington next year, it’s just the other side of Fallowfield- about 3 miles from the University. Since I moved halls, my friends from my old halls have decided in my absence all to live together, and seeing as I’m still pretty new here, I haven’t planned living with anyone from Whitworth Park either. Luckily my friend from home is a student at Manchester Metropolitan so we’re organising to live together :). At the moment we’re in the process of finding people to share a house with us, because we figured we’d probably drive each other crazy if it was just the two of us and it means we have a chance to meet some more new people. We found loads of websites really easily that were for people either on their own or in small groups looking for house shares so we’ve contacted a few different people. We were being careful as there’s always a chance someone could be lying about who they are or something, so we’ve not rushed to meet anyone straight away. Me and my friend absolutely love a 6 bedroom house in Withington- and the people we’ve made contact with seem to be set on 4 bedroom houses in Rusholme, so this may not go to plan but luckily it’s still so early we have time to find people 🙂 we won’t need the houses ‘til September.

This week I’ve also been doing some work as a Student Ambassador- if you read my blog from a few weeks ago (yes that’s right, you should have done your homework) you’ll remember that I had an interview and was successful, and it means I help out at open days and stuff. Today was a year 8/9 conference day, getting school kids from lots of different schools in the area doing uni-related activities to hopefully help them choose what they want to do for their GCSE’s and after school. It was fun but I’m worn out- I’ve got to do it all over again tomorrow as well! It’s providing me with an excuse to avoid revision though, revising isn’t something I’m good at. I tend to put it off in any way I can! It’s how I’ll be spending the next few days though, as I really want to pass my January exams. You might not hear from me for a week or two while I’m hard at work revising and being examined, so wish me luck!

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