Eleanor’s blog – 21 December 2011

The end of the semester is here already, it seems like I got here only yesterday. With so much work to do before the holidays began, the end of last week was very busy and made even worse by having the inevitable Christmas flu! Any damp spirits however were quashed under a blanket of snow which graced Manchester on Friday morning, albeit it stayed for 10 minutes before turning into rain but still! Made me feel very Christmassy. I finally did my Christmas present shopping on Friday as well as having the last lectures of the semester, just the exams in January now, eep! Friday night saw me and my many bags of clothes catch a train back to snowy Derbyshire, so glad to be home for a whole month.

The past few days have been spent catching up with everyone back home, attempting sledging with my family (and by the look on my brother’s girlfriend’s face in the picture, not all of us found it that much fun) and seeing my friends. I think my mum is really glad to have me back as it means she doesn’t have to do all the cooking any more- Sunday was my step-dad’s birthday so I made an amazing cake. I’m pretty sure it was eaten entirely within a minute. With the snow lasting only a couple of days, it meant no more sledging so me and my friends needed different outdoor activities… 



On Tuesday I went walking on the hills around my town with my friends, Manchester is so flat and I’ve missed the lovely scenery.

The rest of the Christmas break is set to be more of the same, hopefully spending time catching up with my friends who’ve all just finished their first semester at various universities. We should be heading back to Manchester for a few nights out in the coming weeks as well, with it being the nearest city, it’s been ages since we’ve all had chance to see each other. Might bring them to see Whitworth Park whilst we’re there to see how it compares to their halls! I’ve also been entrusted with the tricky task of making Christmas dinner, so if I don’t get back to you it may be because I have food poisoning. Wish me luck.

As well as relaxing though, I’ve got a fair bit of work to do with assignments due in on the first day back and exams to look forward to! I’m not that worried (yet) though, with Christmas to be excited about.

I’ll be back to tell you all about my holiday adventures and escapades on the 3rd of January. Until then, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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