Eleanor’s blog – 1 December 2011

I’ve been at Whitworth Park for just over a week and I’ve already settled in really well. Everyone is dead nice, but I think I’m going to have to start saying no to going out, I just can’t afford it! I still haven’t got round to getting a job…I can’t make excuses; it’s just pure laziness on my part! I’ve been being a bit of a canny business woman though and have been selling some of my old clothes and stuff on eBay, just for a bit of extra money. Made 30 quid in a week, and it’s not looking likely that I’ll be running out of things to wear any time soon. Quite proud of myself that since I’ve been in Manchester, the temptation to go shopping every few minutes hasn’t took too much of a hold…yet. Christmas is the party season after all, and with my new neighbours inviting me to lots of exciting places (oh it’s a hard life) I can tell I’ll need some shiny new clothes soon. Let’s hope I don’t spend all the money I’m making by selling stuff…

Carrying on with the November Christmassy theme, this week I visited the European Christmas Markets in Albert Square – where the big lights switch-on took place a couple of weeks ago. It’s really great, so festive and busy, with stalls selling everything from scarves to sausages – everything you could ever need for Christmas. I wasn’t able to get a good photo to share with you because it was just so, so, so busy, but I’d recommend going down and taking a look for yourself – plus it’s the only way to get the smell of all the amazing food. My stomach was definitely rumbling.

Seeing as I’m not in catered halls anymore, I’ve had my first week of cooking for myself. I was really looking forward to it because personally, I love cooking. I find that deciding what to buy is the hardest part though. Cooking just for myself means that I need to plan my shopping list, I don’t want to be buying too much and having to throw stuff away. Thankfully though, my kitchen has a huge freezer so it’s handy to separate out portions of stuff and just get them out of the freezer when I need them. Clever, eh! University is for learning things, after all.

I just wanted to show you this picture I took whilst going home for the day at half 9 on a Sunday morning, walking down Oxford Road – I’ve never seen it so empty! It’s really weird to see no one about when usually you can’t see anything but students and buses and taxis. I needed to borrow stuff from home I hadn’t brought with me like coloured pens and paper to make a project for one of my classes. Technically it would have been easier and quicker to just go to a shop and buy that stuff…but then a shop wouldn’t cook my tea and do my washing like my mum does.

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