Eleanor’s blog – 24 November 2011

Hello, hello, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to hear the details of my big move!

So it was Thursday when my application went in, Friday I was offered a transfer, and by the next Thursday I was all packed and ready to go. I have a lot of stuff, so packing took quite a while, meaning I didn’t really have a very exciting week. I did take a break though to go and see my favourite band, A Day To Remember, who played a gig at the Academy. This involved lots of balloons (one of which popped on my face, ouch), lots of confetti, and the lead singer climbing into a large plastic ball and walking on the crowd.

It’s been a pretty tiring week with an assignment to do and all the packing, so some of my free time in between lectures was spent in the social area of the library- a place I didn’t even know existed until now. It’s on the top floor, and my friends and I found it by accident whilst wandering around one day. There are vending machines and sofas and it’s just a good place to chat and eat and maybe do a bit of work…or, as the picture shows, have a little rest in a 3 hour gap between lectures!

Thankfully, I don’t live far away so on Thursday my Step-dad was on hand with the car (and strength to carry loads of boxes) to help me, with the promise I’d buy him a McDonalds for his hard work. Being nosey, I had found Whitworth Park’s Facebook group the week before and posted that I’d be moving in soon and wondering who my neighbours were. Everyone was dead nice and assured me of invites out with them as I’m the new kid. 🙂

The first couple of days here were pretty quiet, unpacking and finishing my assignment, but at the weekend I met up with some of my new neighbours (courtesy of Facebook) and they all seem really lovely. Whitworth Park itself is nice as well, and although it’s cheaper than Dalton Ellis the facilities are just as good. I’m so excited to say I now have a kitchen! In the absence of a ninth flatmate (the person who lived in the room before me had left), my new flatmates had pinched most of the cupboard and fridge space…but there’s plenty of room for everyone’s stuff so it just took a bit of switching around! My flat is calm and quiet which in a way I’m glad of as it means I can sleep at night without being kept up by music on either side of the walls! Whitworth Park is home to loads of students though so there’s always someone doing something. Everyone was really welcoming, something I was worried about seeing as they’ve all been getting to know each other for two months and I’ve only been here six days. I really miss my little Dalton Ellis gang already! The two halls aren’t far away from each other so I’ll still be able to see them, but having seen them every day for the past two months and suddenly not at all feels weird. I hope whoever has my old room likes it there too. 🙂

The past few days have been absolutely frantic (I know I always say that, but hey, I live a very busy and extremely important life) what with socialising with my new neighbours and unpacking all my stuff. I’m also starting to feel the pressure a bit from Uni, with another two assignments, a presentation and a project to do, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect. I heard this week that recently Manchester has had the first ever person to get a PhD in Speech and Language Therapy, so it goes to show that being at Manchester can make good things happen!  haha!


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