Eleanor’s blog – 18 November 2011

I think I’m probably the worst person ever for timing. But hello again! Sorry for my absence, I’ve been a very busy girl the last couple of weeks. It’ll have to be a quick one but at the start of next week I promise you an in-depth insight into my goings-on!

So, last week, was the big Christmas lights switch on at Albert Square. Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, and Tinchy Stryder had the great honour of switching the lights on, and also performed too! Great…if you like that kind of thing. Me, I was there for the amazing firework display afterwards, and to see the lights, of course. I feel so christmassy already! Help, it’s only November!

Last week is also when I put in my application to transfer from my halls, Dalton Ellis, to somewhere else on campus. The application process took a lot shorter time than I expected, and I ended up with an offer at Whitworth Park Halls the next day! Although I was apprehensive when I first moved in in September, I did really like Dalton Ellis, the people, the room (and the food!) were lovely. However, it wasn’t really me, as I love cooking, so I applied to move somewhere that was more like what I applied for before I came here. The price as well, for me, is one of the reasons I switched, as self-catered is understandably cheaper than catered. Let’s hope I don’t spend the entire difference on food though, or it will have been a bit pointless! It seems like a big worry if you arrive here in Manchester and don’t like the accommodation you have, or it’s not what you expected, but transferring can be really simple (if rooms are available in other halls). So it’s been a mad rush to get everything packed! That, coupled with an assignment hand-in date looming, has meant I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks.

More exciting things to come next week, I promise!

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