Eleanor’s blog – 10 November 2011

Reading week this week- a chance to relax and catch up on a bit of studying for all my modules. Unfortunately, as is probably typical of many students, I focused a bit too much on the ‘relaxing’ side…

But as well as catching up on a bit of well-needed sleep (sleeping until 4 o’clock in the afternoon is my personal best so far) I’ve been doing important things!

Wednesday I had a final award presentation for The Manchester Access Programme which I completed before coming to Uni, gaining me extra UCAS points and a grant. The money is funded by the alumni; ex-Manchester students who’ve done well and want to give something back to Manchester, to help others have the amazing experience that they have benefitted from. The presentation, held in the Chancellor’s Bistro (a cafe in one of the old university buildings, posh and a bit like something out of Harry Potter) was to let the alumni know how thankful me and other MAP-ers are for the scholarship- I didn’t really have trouble in expressing how glad I am to be here!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have applied to be a Student Ambassador, and Thursday was my interview. A student ambassador is a sort of representative of the Uni, and would mean talking to school age and prospective students about going to Uni, and why Manchester is amazing (some may say that’s an opinion, but it’s a generally known fact). It also involves things like campus tours on open days and helping out with workshops in the Manchester Access Programme. I didn’t think the interview went that well: it was a group presentation and everyone in my group did so well I thought I had no chance. However, I mustn’t have done that badly as now I can proudly say I am an Ambassador of The University of Manchester 🙂 – I have a meeting next week to sort out my criminal record check (not that I have one…!)

Being reading week and having no lectures, I spent a glorious few days at home as well this week- I love Manchester but it was good to see my family for a while. Bonfire night was Saturday, and I went to my local firework display and met up with some of my friends from home who I haven’t seen in a while. I’d forgotten how much colder it is where I live compared to Manchester.

Even with all this excitement, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of reading and do a few online exams…but now I’m well rested and ready for next week back in lectures.



  1. Hi Eleanor – interested to read your blog. Maybe I should just point out that it isn’t only alumni who’ve done well who want to contribute to a fund to help people like yourself – I’m a lowly teacher, who couldn’t possibly have afforded to go to university today under the current conditions. I was fortunate to qualify for a full grant for most of my three years at uni, and have loads of sympathy for today’s students who have to struggle to make ends meet. I can’t help much, but am glad to be a very small part of the alumni scheme in my own way. As they say, every little helps! Good luck with the studies – I think Speech and Language therapy is a brilliant vocation. Well done, and thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Eleanor – just want to let you know that your blog has reached the shores of the USA where I now live (Boston to be exact). I am an alumnus from UMIST (the old University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) now sensibly merged with Manchester University as this was always confusing to explain to others. I graduated in 1985 and was the 2000th student to graduate from my class – my only claim to fame! Have spent most of my career living in either London or the US. Very happy to support others enjoying the Manchester experience and I wish you all the best. As Janice above rightly says every little bit helps. Good luck to you.

  3. Well done, Eleanor, for getting to be an Ambassador! I am a retired Hospital Physicist and often worked with Speech and Language Therapists. Keep up the good work as it would be great to get more of your profession into hospitals to help both children and seniors, like myself.


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