Eleanor’s blog – 2 November 2011

Another week in Manchester, and still I’m finding new stuff to do. Not all of it is exciting though, as on Monday I had an occupational health assessment. These aren’t a requirement for every course, but seeing as I’m doing a healthcare-based degree, it is just a check to make sure I’m not going to be spreading anything nasty around to clients! Thankfully I’m completely healthy, although I did need one vaccination, not something I was too glad about.

With Halloween approaching, there was also a bit of stress this week to find a costume! I ended up going to a gig (Funeral For a Friend at Academy 1, if you’re interested- and yes, it was amazing) on the Friday and home for a bit at the weekend, so I didn’t even have chance to go out in costume anyway. 😦  Saw loads of zombies wandering through Manchester though, it was like a scene from Dawn of the Dead. Me and my friend were much more inventive, we’d planned to go out as the Chuckle Brothers (look them up if you’ve not heard of them, I’m sure you can see that I’m the spitting image) but sadly, those plans never came to fruition. There’s always next year!…

I did get into the Halloween spirit a bit this week, helping my friend carve a pumpkin. She works at the Student’s Union and had volunteered to do it for work – I can honestly say it was a masterpiece. Never before have I seen a pumpkin with such expression and intelligence in it’s little orange face. It was almost a shame to scoop out its insides and make them into soup. 🙂








I also had my first experience of handing in an assignment this week, something I was dreading almost as much as writing the thing itself. Surprisingly for me, I remembered to check for spelling mistakes, remembered to do the word count AND the referencing, and I even remembered to bring it in with me on the day. So proud of myself. A lot of assignments have online submission, but this one was a proper paper hand in, meaning there was a certain time and place to get it in. I was probably more nervous about finding the place on time than the actual results! But it all went okay, and I’m just left with a few other assignments to do…

Oh, and I saw a fox this week. I’ve lived in the countryside all my life and managed never to see one – I move to the city and there they are, just sat on the grass at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I did get a bit too excited, I know a lot of people probably don’t like foxes but I do! We decided to name him Graham, after the building we live in.

Next week is reading week – a week without lectures to catch up on reading, revision…and sleep.


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