Eleanor’s blog – 27 October 2011

Apologies to you, my avid fans, for the late post this week – I’m afraid I’ve been rather busy with an assignment. It was the referencing that took me so much time! Thankfully though, this week I had a lecture on referencing to help me along. I won’t go in to it now, but for those with no idea it’s basically just writing a list of all the sources of information that you use in an essay, but there’s a set way of doing it that can seem pretty complicated. The lecture was a definite help!

In breaks from essay writing, I also had a chance to sample a bit more of Manchester’s nightlife (purely for research purposes, I can assure you) and so on Tuesday I ended up in 42nd Street- near St Peter’s Square. With indie music, cheap entry and drinks, it’s an alright place for a night out! A similar place, if you like that kind of thing, is 5th Avenue on Princess Street, not far from the uni campus, which is where I went on Saturday night. With three universities in Manchester, it’s always packed so you always meet new people (and there’s a big chance of seeing people you know too, I met two people from my course, one from my halls and three from my old sixth form college in there!)

The nervousness of meeting new people and making new friends has definitely disappeared, I feel like I know people properly now. In fact, this week I even had a conversation with people from my halls about moving into a house in our second year- it’s only week four of first year?! It’s not something I’d even considered but apparently all the ‘good ones’ get taken up soon. But there’s always the opportunity to stay in halls so who knows. I did have reservations at first but I do quite like Dalton-Ellis now (my halls). It’s quite quiet, but not TOO quiet, so I can get my work done and be able to go to sleep without being subjected to someone else’s music through the walls, but everyone still goes out and has a good time.

You may recall I was in need of a job, it’s something I’ve still not got round to tackling yet…even though I went into town to go shopping, I didn’t take CVs with me to hand around. I will next time, I swear.

Next time, finding Halloween costumes, handing in essays and having injections. I bet you can’t wait, can you.



    1. Hi.

      You can find information about our postgraduate taught courses in education here:

      If you have further enquiries, you can contact the academic school. Contact details are within the ‘Academic Department’ tab of the course information page.

      If you haven’t already, you can apply for a postgraduate programme using our on-line application form. Full details can be found at: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduate/howtoapply/

      I hope this helps!

  1. Hi Manchester Student Blogs & Eleanor,

    I got to this blog from the Speech & Language Therapy homepage, it’s interesting thanks. I’m considering becoming a “mature student” well I’m 26 and I’m thinking about applying for the Speech and Language Therapy degree. I was just wondering if there are many mature students who take this course or not? I wanted to ask Eleanor how many people are on her course and does she know how many (if any) are over the normal first year age of 18 years old?

    Thanks for any info 🙂 Nicola.

    1. Hi Nicola, glad to hear you’re considering SLT, it’s great so far!

      There’s loads of ‘mature’ students (some are older than others!) on the course, it’s only about half 18/19 year olds. There’s around 50 of us on the course altogether, and to be honest it’s hard to tell with most people whether they’re straight from college or postgrad or whatever, everyone’s really friendly with each other.

      For some more information about adults returning to education generally at Manchester, you can visit http://www.manchester.ac.uk/undergraduate/maturestudents/

      Hope that’s helped a bit!

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