Eleanor’s blog – 20 October 2011

Hello, it’s me again. 🙂

I’ve been here for a while and I’m all settled in now, so I think it’s time for a bit of a change – rather than treating this as a diary and going on about the boring day-to-day stuff, I’ll just talk about the amazing important bits. Although, in fairness, I have done some pretty amazing things this week, such as buying pasta for 19p, and making a blanket den in my friends kitchen (unfortunately it got destroyed before we could take photographic evidence of this architectural masterpiece), and getting rained on. A lot.

Being all independent is a lot more expensive than it might seem, and I’m finding that I’m accidentally spending bits of money all the time: it adds up to quite a lot! I’m not saying that everyone should sit in and do nothing all the time as it would get quite dull, but budgeting would definitely be a good idea. I’m going to go on a mission to find awesome CHEAP things to do and I’ll let you all know!

To spend money though, I need some in the first place, so I have applied for a couple of jobs. Just online so far; I need to be proactive and get my lazy self into town and hand my CV in to shops too. The university has a really good careers service which can help with finding relevant work experience to your course as well as just part-time or weekend jobs. If you’re in need of a job it’s definitely worth checking out as the website’s updated often and there’s loads of opportunities from companies looking specifically for students, as well as useful information such as help writing a CV.

My course is getting pretty busy now, and I’m finding all the free time between lectures useful as it’s a chance to get stuff done – there’s places to study quietly all over the university, and I’m definitely more motivated to get my work done when I’m there rather than sat in my room! For my course, I have a sort of personal tutor who I can go to if I have any issues with my studies, and we met for the first time this week. I’m not sure if everyone on degree programmes has a personal tutor, but if you’re struggling to understand or cope with the work load then there’s always someone to go to – all of my lecturers are really friendly and make a point of telling us to ask questions any time!

After all that hard work, a night out was in order on Friday, and me and my hall-mates ended up at a thing called ‘Bop’ at Jabez Clegg – right in the middle of the main university campus. The music was cheesy and it was just really fun and cute. A good way to end the week!



  1. Hello Eleanor, I enjoy reading your blog but I wonder if you could help or introduce me to a way that I could promote my own blog on the Manchester students union site. My blog is an irreverent investigation into the world of ‘cookery’ and is entitled ‘Cockney Nick’s top ten recipees from awl ova the world’ and can be found on http://www.njparr.blogspot.com.
    Blogging is a relatively new media to me and I would welcome any advice, opinion etc.. as to how to promote this project. If it is of no interest to you please ignore this intrusion.

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