Eleanor’s blog – 11 October 2011

Autumn is definitely here, I regret complaining about the unseasonably warm weather last week! I’m starting to get into a routine properly now, and although some people might find that boring, I’m loving it.

Another week full of lectures, as well as tutorials- an opportunity every other week to consolidate what the lecturers say in a smaller group of people. I find them really useful, and there’s a chance to ask questions about anything you might be unsure or unclear about.

My weekly music section once again, this week I went to see the band Bombay Bicycle Club at the Apollo Theatre. They were amazing! The Apollo is a larger venue than the ones I’ve been going on about the past few weeks, and is about a 15 minute walk from the main university campus. There are so many places to go and see live music in Manchester! (shall I make it my aim to have been to all of them by the end of the year?)

I’m also considering making a bit of music of my own…well kind of…as I’m thinking about joining the drama society for my Halls, which would involve a bit of musical theatre. There are societies around the whole of the university for masses of different interests, some specific like for residents of a certain place, but loads for students of the university in general. Watch this space, I could be the next Megan Fox yet.

The Arndale Centre

On Saturday I ventured out into the absolute downpour of rain we’ve had all week, to do a bit of shopping with a friend from my halls. Thanks to the Arndale Centre, we were able to stay dry! It’s a massive shopping precinct in the centre of Manchester, about a 40-minute walk, or for sensible people who don’t want to look like they had a bath with their clothes on, a short bus journey from the Uni. It has all the shops you’d expect for a shopping centre, but if you’re after something slightly different, it’s really close to the Northern Quarter, where loads of vintage and alternative shops are situated- no young person’s trip to Manchester would be complete without venturing in to Afflek’s Palace! It’s an absolute maze of tiny stores and stalls, and you’ll undoubtedly find something surprising in at least one of them!

Our cake!

It was a special day on Sunday this week, as it was the birthday of one of my new neighbours, (Happy Birthday Ben!) and what better way to celebrate than chucking a load of syrup and chocolate in a pan with some cornflakes? Another girl and I created an absolute masterpiece in the absence of any weighing scales or baking tins, and I for one am well proud. I do however feel a bit sick from a bit too much ‘quality control’ in taste testing all the ingredients…

Next week, I’m thinking of applying to become a student ambassador and I’m going to be proactive about getting a job!


  1. Hey Eleanor , This is Jenifer, i am a MSc student, nice to read your blog. i wanted to know abt the aflek palace ? is it somewhere near the Arnadale centre ? coz that s what it shows in the google maps. hmm if it is so, i haven’t seen it.. would want to explore that shopping centre too.. 🙂

    1. Hi Jenifer, yeah Affleck’s is near the Arndale Centre, off a street near Picadilly Gardens- if you’ve found it on Google Maps then that’s the right place. I usually go up Tib Street and it’s on the right, opposite a carpark. It’s not very big, but it’s spread over 5 floors so they manage to pack loads in! It’s a great place to find hand-made and individual clothes, accessories and just general quirky stuff. Most of the shops nearby cater for more individual and eclectic tastes too. Hope you love it as much as I do!

  2. Hi,
    I was just reading your blog and noticed you mentioned something about applying to be a student ambassador, i have no idea about how to apply for this but would love to be one 🙂
    Do you know where I can get any info from? 🙂


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