Eleanor’s blog – Another packed week, once again – 4 October 2011

Lectures started properly this week, and I’ve got assignments set already, eeek! Nothing too scary though, and as it’s the reason I’m here it’s only to be expected.

Monday though, for me, was lecture-free, and having free time is a common feature of loads of subjects, unlike school! Since I’ve moved out and I’m all independent now…the day was spent washing my clothes. I can’t say it’s one of the highlights of living away from home, but hey, at least I don’t smell.

After that thrill-a-minute Monday, I was glad to be back in lectures on Tuesday. Although there’s still some introductory stuff to do, we’ve mostly started properly now and it’s really interesting already. My course mostly has around 3 hours of lectures a day, but spread out meaning I have free time in between. I spent this with my course-mates, and with cafes in practically every building there’s always somewhere to go and sit. After a week and a bit, we’re all getting to know each other a bit better, and I feel comfortable already, not nervous about meeting people and starting the course anymore! I was really surprised how quickly I seem to have settled in at Manchester, it feels like my home already!

Tuesday night, I was at another gig, this time at Club Academy, conveniently located underneath Manchester Student’s Union (it’s turning into a music blog already, I did warn you) where I saw the bands Woe, Is Me; I Set My Friends On Fire, and A Skylit Drive. Don’t worry, I really don’t expect anyone to have heard of them! Club Academy, like Moho that I visited last week, is a small, intimate venue, but plays host to some more well-known artists. Although obviously, not in this case…

When I came back from the gig, due to this freakish warm weather, I found my neighbours all outside. Despite no common room, there’s still places and opportunities to do stuff and get to know each other!

Thursday, in one of mine and my classmates’ free sessions, we went to the library to find a book recommended to us by one of our lecturers. The John Rylands University library is one of a few libraries used as a resource by Manchester students, and it may sound a bit geeky but I love it in there! It’s absolutely huge, it’d be so easy to get lost in there if you didn’t know where you were going. Luckily for me, as a Manchester Access Programme (MAP) student, I learned how to use the library and about all the different subjects and sections, so we were able to find what we were looking for reasonably easily. Lecturers may recommend books, or there could be a set reading list, but often the most important or popular books for any subject will have quite a few copies in the library, so no need to go off and buy a shiny new copy straight away! We’ve got a library introduction session timetabled for next week, so even without prior knowledge, everyone learns how to navigate the library.

Friday after lectures, I hopped on a train back home to see my parents (and to take some more clothes home to wash!) and returned to Manchester Saturday afternoon, to chill with my flatmates, eat lots of curry- I love living near the Curry Mile- and watch Shutter Island on DVD. Later on Saturday night, about 7 of us from my halls went out for pretty much the first time all together. Despite being a bit wobbly at the beginning, we’ve all got to know each other now and everyone’s lovely!

Sunday was pub quiz night again, and unfortunately, another loss (this time we were let’s get quizzical, quizzical, another masterpiece of a name) but there’s always next week!


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