Eleanor’s blog – Welcome Week – 29 September 2011

I’ve definitely had a busy few days, so much to write about! I’ve been to some really interesting events, and met some lovely people.

I’ve had introduction lectures every day this week, but it’s not stopped me going out every night! (on fact-finding, exploring missions on your behalf, of course, no benefit of my own, you can thank me later). Manchester has a really varied night life, so whatever you fancy doing, there’s probably somewhere to go for it!

On Monday night, after a day of meeting people on my course, I went to see
Wheatus (of Teenage Dirtbag fame!!) play at Moho Live, in the northern quarter. It’s a pretty small venue, but it’s frequented by lots of popular(-ish) bands, and has a great atmosphere.

Yummy cakes on offer in my catered halls!!

With going out every night this week, I can’t say it’s been particularly easy to get up for breakfast every day, served before half 9 in the canteen as I’m in catered accommodation. the food itself though, I have to say, is pretty good! Although I wanted to be self catered to begin with, being catered is definitely proving to have its benefits, as I’ve always got a proper meal to come home to, I’m not tempted to live off instant noodles or takeaways as is the cliche of student cooking!

As well as exploring the city with friends, I also participated in some of the events put on by my halls, a common thing for halls all over the university, as they become a kind of community! It’s a great opportunity to meet people from your halls, even if you don’t know a single person, you will by the end of the night! If going out isn’t your thing, there was also cinema/pizza nights, as well as films being shown in the on-campus bar in the day time. As I was in lectures, I couldn’t attend, I was pretty annoyed when I found out I missed Back to the Future!

The CPR dummies from clinical training this week

I should probably say a bit about my lectures themselves, as it’s the main reason I’m here.  As I’ve said before, it’s uncommon to have such a full timetable as mine in Welcome Week, but even if you find you have, don’t be scared and expect to be having to write a dissertation or have read loads of books already to understand what the lecturer is telling you. ‘Introductory lectures’ for my course entailed an outline of the course to come, as well as mandatory clinical training, as mine is a healthcare subject (Speech and Language Therapy). Being in all week definitely wasn’t all bad or as scary as it may seem, I’ve met some really nice people that I’ll be spending the next few years with.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent checking out some of Manchester’s bars, I wouldn’t paint myself as much of the club-type, but there was plenty of opportunity for that too. My friend is living in uni halls in Manchester as well, so I spent a fair bit of time at her place, meeting her flatmates. I feel so lucky to know people here already, but I’m definitely one of the very few with that advantage! You can’t even imagine the sheer amount of people who’ve flocked here to Manchester, (the largest number of full-time students in the UK, thank you Wikipedia).

The main university campus on Oxford Road has been absolutely packed all week, and there’s such a feeling of excitement and exploration! You can barely move for people giving out fliers or vouchers, not necessarily in an annoying way as loads of them are useful (free pizza, for example!) and a good way to hear about nights out coming up in various venues. I paid a visit to the start of year fair as well on Wednesday with a few of my classmates- it’s where you go to sign up for sports clubs or societies, with everything from skydiving to chess, and a few things I’ll admit to never have even heard of! By the end of the week, (I of course went out Thursday and Friday night as well, such is this student life) I was so tired.

Saturday night was a quiet one in, followed by a pub quiz on Sunday at the on-campus bar (gutted we didn’t win, with the best team name as well, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Quiz-adry, I found it hilarious anyway), to prepare for starting my proper lectures next week! Wish me luck!



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