Eleanor’s 2nd blog – Moving to University – 16 September 2011

Sunday 11 September: Well, this is it! Only a few days until my big move. Today was my last day at work, and, although it was a really hard and boring job that made my feet hurt…I think I’ll miss it. I’ll definitely miss the money! I hope to get a job closer to home (my new home!!) after I’ve settled in and everything, so more on the job-front in a couple of weeks.

Monday 12 September:  I started my planning and packing early, pretty much straight after results day and I have A LOT of stuff, so I’m really glad I did, as it’s taken me a while to decide what to bring and what I can live without. However, in my haste to pack, I overlooked the fact I might actually use things like clothes and make up between now and when I unpack in Manchester, so I’ve already packed, unpacked and repacked at least seven times.

I spent most of the day shopping for a few things which had up until now forgotten about (who needs toothpaste anyway?!) and generally making sure I’ve got everything done. Although the registration and enrolment process is straightforward and I’ve received loads of information from the university about my accommodation and how my welcome week is going to shape up, I’m still understandably pretty nervous. I’m making sure I’ve got everything done I need to (like having forms filled that I’ll need when I arrive) which is helping a lot! I also saw my friends today, I really will miss them. So glad of things like Facebook though, as it means we can keep in touch and see what each other is up to. Facebook’s also been a help with meeting new people- I’ve joined a few groups for ‘Manchester freshers’, and it’s good to be reminded that I’m not the only one preparing to move away. I’m definitely going to miss home.

Tuesday 13 September: 2 days to go! I attempted to finish my packing, but, as I’m not the tidiest of people, I made slow progress with sorting the mountains of stuff stacked on my bedroom floor – the carpet is almost visible though, so it’s looking better!

Wednesday 14 September : Today I went to my grandma’s house, who lives quite near to me to say goodbye. I only live about an hour away from university, and Manchester is a city really easily accessible from almost anywhere by train, car, plane, (submarine, horseback, helicopter etc…why not!) so I can expect to be back to visit relatively often. I’m really excited for moving tomorrow, and meeting my new flatmates! I seem to have severely over-packed, so it shall be an interesting challenge seeing how I’m going to fit it all in my new room…I’ll keep you posted!

The view from my house will be something I'll miss the most.


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