Welcome to The University of Manchester’s official student blogs!

Here, our current students will tell you everything you need to know about studying and living in Manchester, from the study facilities to the best pubs and clubs.

You’ve probably heard the facts and figures… Manchester is home to 25 Nobel Prize winners, 92% of our graduates go straight into employment or further study…

It’s true – you can even visit the very same building where Ernest Rutherford first spilt the atom or bump into the man who discovered graphene on Oxford Road.

These facts are pretty impressive. But what’s it like to actually be a student here?

Take a look below and meet our student bloggers. We hope you enjoy the read!


Eleanor re-size

I’m 21, and in the fourth year of my undergraduate degree studying Speech and Language Therapy. I live in Manchester with 4 of my friends and our pampered rabbit Kenneth. I try to be as green as I can and love recycling and reusing as much as possible.

Read my blog here.


Shannon re-size

A geeky animal-lover studying English Literature and Linguistics (BA) whilst attempting to take over the world one book at a time.

Read my blog here.


Mitali - Bloggers Photo

Mitali. 19, currently studying computer science (MEng). Film nerd, foodie and karaoke enthusiast. Currently trying to consume equal amounts of coffee and books.

Read my blog here.


Yasmine bloggers photo

Yasmine. 22. Taught MA in Politics. Manchester via California. Political debates, pub quizzes, cats, and do-it-yourself projects make the world go ’round.

Read my blog here.


Matt Profile Pic

Hello. My name is Matt. I am a part-time American Studies PhD student, a part-time Graduate Teaching Assistant, part-time Halls Tutor, sometime Library-worker, and now-and-then TV quiz star. My research is focused on the demographic and social history of New Orleans in the 1820’s and 1830’s.

Read my blog here.



Read my blog here.

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  1. Great you’re doing this! I just want to ask everybody this; I’m considering studying in the Uni of Manchester after high school. I’m an EU student and want to study Chinese. What are the living costs in there? Like I read that it’s 9000 pounds but including what? Total living and studying cost there? Also do you recommend to live in the campus or sth else.

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